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Three Priests

Three priests who were also exorcists,from different beliefs once decided to,with the required permission,perform exorcisms on each others cases
Priest A,B,C were their names and for the basis of avoiding any controversy I will not state their religious beliefs. They didn’t give any concrete reason for such a permission but nonetheless they were very experienced and did say they would reveal the reason in the due course of time. Their journey would be difficult but they knew they had to make it because not only did lives depend on them but also their reputation was at stake,never before had such an act was unheard of. This story does not focus on the exorcisms per se as they went successfully even as the priests had to draw out from all their experiences of tackling the forces of pure,unimaginable evil. The message they wanted to convey was simple.
I decided to meet them at their respective places of worship and ask them about their experiences
The following is a summary of what happened

When I asked them what was the closest way to reinforce a person’s belief in God. They replied with an assuring smile.
“Why through the Devil of course”.Fear is the best reinforcer. Stronger even than faith. Many people think the opposite but what we saw,we knew it was fear that did it’s job,not faith”.
I, though will never forget what Priest 3 told me those words. I met him in his office at his residence during noon.
“When the Devil doesn’t differentiate,why do people?
Just as I left his office, I could smell a strong smell of sulphur and a sudden surge of negative energy came across me. I never looked back and I left from there as soon as I could.
Just as I finish writing this story , I hear a strange sound. I shall be rig….
– Raul Raje