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Let them out

As almost every teenage is fond of horror, Aamir was one such boy. Full of guts, never afraid of the movies he watched or the stories he heard. Still, his best past-time was horror, let it be reading stories, or watching movies. One day when he was walking home with his friend, he was having a little chat with his friends about the villain of the movie he watched last night, which was ‘Conjuring 2’. The name of the devil was ‘Valak’, all dressed up in black like a muslim woman. The gown all dark, with those murderous eyes, he was as terrifying as someone could be. And in between the talks, Aamir’s friend began to mock his bravery. Word by word, irritated, Aamir shouted and asked them what he would have to do to prove that he’s not a little kid.

Now, now there’s a fine line between bravery and stupidity ; and Aamir’s anger had made him incapable of knowing that difference. Soon, he and his friends decided that he would have to go at 2:00 in the night, in the middle of the graveyard near his house, and take a selfie and come back. Hesitating a bit, but caring for his image, Aamir agreed, saying that it was a piece of cake for him. Aamir’s father was an Army General, so he lived out of home most of the time. Aamir, only having his mother in his house, decided to wait for her to fall asleep and sneak out around 1:30 along with her mom’s phone for the selfie.  

The night was there, Aamir was awake in his room and he was constantly peeking into her mother’s room to check if she was down. It was around 12:20 when he double checked into her mother’s room, still wearing her black dress was asleep. He grabbed her phone, which was kept on the side of her pillow and went out of the room. The time for him to leave for the graveyard was coming, and he was  a bit nervous and terrified now as the dark night is loyal to no one. He remembered his mother’s words – “Let your demons out”, and grabbed a butcher’s knife from the kitchen just for his safety. It was around 1:30 now and he was about to leave, when he got a message from his friend, “Happy Night! I hope you meet Valak tonight’, which in turn terrified him a bit more, but there was no turning back now.

He left his house, making no noise; still the neighbour’s dog noticed someone jumping off the boundary and started barking. Aamir ran away from there as fast as he could. He reached the graveyard earlier than expected, as he ran the way. He was short of thread and terrified to the core. As he stood in front of the graveyard, cold winds shivered him to the core. The scenery was as terrifying as one in the horror movies; with crickets chirping in background under the sky as dark as black, with moon shining the brightest. His bravery was being torn down to pieces by the creepiness of night, still packing up the little courage that was left, he went inside.

As he went a bit inside, he felt the sensation that someone was following him, and his name was echoing in background. Now he was scared to hell. He thought to himself, maybe I’m just imagining all this, so to ignore the background voice, he turned his earphones on in full volume. He continued his walk then. As everything was going normal, an owl flew just above his head to his back side, frightening him. As he turned his head back to see where the owl went, he saw a black shadow around 30 feet away, moving towards him. He immediately held his knife hard. His heart began to pound, he put up all his breath and strength and ran as fast as he could. As he ran, he was constantly turning his head back to see if it was still behind him. In between this rush, he tripped on a rock and hit his head on a tree. He was still conscious so he tried to stand up and run again. As he stood up, he came to know that he had a sprain in his leg. He turned behind and saw that the shadow was only 15 feet away from him. He took his knife and made the best shot he could, when the shadow was around 10 feet away, he threw the knife at it. He was a bit relieved to see that the shadow was down, he quickly ran to it, grabbed the knife and stabbed it again several times. Suddenly, he heard a familiar voice saying “This is not what I meant when I said let your demons out.”

-© Aditya Kumar