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Four’s Summer

As he awoke in the room, he knew he was in a strange place, he looked outside the window , it was a clear summer night and the suburban surroundings were new to him. There were distant murmurs of children and it seemed like the parents were not at home. He felt drowsy and groggy but knew he couldnt sleep again. He was getting irritated and restless. He decided to go towards the voices of the children. Fearful thoughts ran past his mind that maybe they weren’t kids but they were kidnappers. As he entered the room he saw four teenagers on the opposite side and they were sitting like they were sitting around something. Suddenly they all felt really cold and he wondered why they failed to acknowledge his presence. Suddenly he let out a loud scream of anger on being ignored by the teenagers, in the middle of the four teens , the planchette on the Ouija board suddenly moved to ‘Yes’ for the question ‘Do you want to kill us’.

– Raul Raje