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And There Were None

It was almost 2 am when Dave decided to watch a short horror story on his laptop. The holidays were on and there was nothing better to do. Being the horror lover that he was,he decided to watch some short horror stuff. He came across a video titled “And then there were none -2016 edition”. Surprisingly despite many views in almost thousands,there were no likes or dislikes and the comments were disabled. Unable to control his curiosity,he decided to watch the video with his headphomes on. It was about a group of people that were gathered in a desolate motel eerily similar to plot of the Agatha Christie classic. One by one they all died and the deaths were creepily gory.
In this case however,the killer was never known to the viewer. Frustrated by this,Dave decided to close the site as soon as the last person would die. The deaths were not shown in details but the cut scenes were shown of the dead bodies. Some mutilated and some unrecognisable. Before the’The End’ sign could be displayed,blood splattered across the laptop screen and the Dave’s head with the headphones still on smeared in blood fell on the keyboard. ‘The End’ then appeared on the video and the site closed with the morning that followed faced with the horrors of the night.

Make sure you look around when you watch a video especially towards the end. Or even when you read a story….

– ©Raul Raje