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Do You?

Do you ever feel like running so fast,
That all your worries are left behind?
Do you ever feel like screaming so loud,
That all the sounds of your pain are diminished?
Do you want to take that road,
That you were always afraid to take?
Do you want to talk to the one,
To whom you could never relate?

Do you want to taste that one delicacy,
That you could never do?
Do you want to pursue that passion,
That you were afraid to?
Do you want to go an extra mile,
That you were afraid to come back from?
Do you want to take that one chance,
That you just never could?

Walk that extra mile and that chance; take it,
Life is an epitome of adventure and joy if you make it.
Step up ahead, ring that call,
Just get back up if you ever fall.
Explore the roads of a few do,
Maybe you’ll find something you love to do.

Now tell me again?
Do you want to take that road that you never could?


© Aditya Kumar
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