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Where did the time go? Second by second, moment by moment. Doing the things I never thought I would. Following the schedule I never thought I could. Drowning between the bridge of my desires and what’s necessary. We, as humans have made the concept of ‘existence’ so hard. Study hard, excel in that field, have money, buy suits and fancy cars. Who decides this? Who decides that’s necessary for a sustainable existence? Who decides that if you have money and a black Lambo with an Armani suit on you’ll be happy?

And alas! just between the rush of getting those Lambos and suits, we’ve somewhere left behind the real meaning of life. We’ve turned it into a competition. Races are what everyone is running without even realising. Born from oblivion in creeped up societes; run, fight, survive and go back to oblivion. Is this all that sums up our lives? Is this what we were supposed to be doing? Between all the rush we overlook the little moments of happiness in life, being too busy. Because that’s what we know, that’s what we’re told our whole lives; to work and die miserable. Ironic, isn’t it?

Time is the one thing that never seems to stop whatever we’re doing. And moment by moment we’re spending our lives being the slaves of our own desires. We’ve lost the integrity of being called ‘humans’. Sure, hard work is necessary but we should realise that our lives are more than just races and we have to live each and every moment of hit. We should utilise it in doing the things that we love and spreading happiness; instead of stalking and hating people secretly on social media. The mere purpose of life is not just to exist but to live, because in the end; It all fades…

-© Aditya Kumar
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