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The Red Notebook

Somethings are best left unsaid, they say. I guess this is most true in this scenario. Feelings when grown unwanted, can act like that ugly weed in your beautiful flowery garden. The worst thing about them, when they hit you, they hit you hard. Like a stranger in an unknown country, it makes you go all stranded in your own wishes. Feeding you down your own poison and crushing you from inside, it weakens you down. You can do nothing but feel helpless and hurt, atleast for some time. While this ‘some’ time may differ from soul to soul, but the wounds it leaves are not much different. The same feels, holding you through your throat down to your heart, never hesitate to choke you down on their force.


The hesitations to express remain constant in all the rush, making it even worse having to hide things inside. The more you hide them, the more they make you hollow from within. All the goods and bads that you can wonder with them, and all the love you have to shower upon them. But you just can’t, because of the situations or whatever it is. Whatever choice you may make, they not always be the perfect ones. They can be uneven or smooth, but what matters most is that you keep moving. Bounding all these feels inside a tiny little heart, sounds tense? It actually is. The things that bother you even more is that keeping all this inside of you, all you have to do is play the ‘happy role’ too, and keep passing fake smiles to everyone you see.


Greatest path you can take in such a situation is to calm yourself down, and give it time. Give your soul some calm moments to settle down; give your eyes some scenes to forget the bad. Give your heart some warmth to forget what was never really yours. Miserable, right? It’s more hurting than any physical pain ever be. It’s more threatening than breaking of bones. It can literally break your inner self. So the best you can do is give yourself time and calm yourself down. Forget the bad and look ahead at the future.    


“Don’t float over the obsession of your emotions,

As when you’re keeping everything inside, it can only break.

Down the path of fury you go ,

But its never over in a single talk.

The paths you choose may never be the one,

And the greatest you can do is calm yourself down. “

© Aditya Kumar
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