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The Fancy Night

1 a.m. on the clock, half of the world’s asleep and all i can hear is dead silence. The thin air around me carries more sound than anything else. Screen lit and fingers tapping on the keyboard, considered to be loudest. Still in this inexpressible silence, I can hear a million things. All the things I’ve done and all the people I’ve known. They’re all here. Making me wonder about things, all the things I’ve done and all the things I’ve wished to do. This raining at me all once should put me in anxiety, but it isn’t doing so. There’s this strange sense of satisfaction in all this. Not being sure what it is, it just feels right.


Here I sit, uncovering the happy part in me  Whatever in life is happening seems to have slowed down to a slower rhythm, the negatives aren’t the highlights of my life anymore; atleast not for now. And in this moment, I lay off all tracks, and wonder; wonder if this is all there is… a perception to everything? And just in a blink of an eye, you can choose to ignore the worst of life, uncovering the illumination of happiness. I wonder if that’s all everyone should do… I wonder if everything that’s bad, isn’t that bad after-all. Little pushes and wishes from everyone is what we need; to move forward and ignore the it so?


But then again, look a bit deeper and there’s the cloud of regrets, all the things I would’ve done while I still had the time. All the things I could’ve done right and all the people that I wouldn’t have hurt. I guess that’s just how it is. Life goes on by and if u really talk to someone for a while, deep inside no one’s happy; when the reality should be opposite. We should be happy on the inside, no matter what; that’s the least we can do to better our miserable lives. Well, signing off for tonight, big day ahead!


© Aditya Kumar
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