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3 am

So we meet again, 3 am? I envy the fact just how much you like to break me down to my insecurities, making me look down on me. No matter how much I try to ignore you being busy, you never seem to stop following me. Sometimes I just wonder why do you have to be so cruel and torture me every time you see me. Not just that, you like to break me down and laugh on my poor self. Being a carefree guy, no one can make me stressed the way you do. No one can make me think deeper than the way you do. Your gloomy vibes put me down but still carry a strange feeling of comfort. The silence that you and I share makes it even easier for you to look down on me. I wonder if that’s all you do, just torture people and mock them.

Then I realize, you’re better than what you seem to be. You make people meet themselves in the stillness of the night. You make them regret all the wrong they did and all the wrong they’re planning to do. You make me focus my senses, better than any other time in the day. Your silence is your major ability. You make me realize where I am going wrong. So, till the next we meet, I’ll make some more mistakes for you to mock me. And I’ll regret why I met you again. But as long as you keep giving comfort to my soul, we’ll meet again, 3 am, won’t we?

© Aditya Kumar
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